2 Tools Rework Station with Pneumatic Pump

DDVE - 2 Tools Rework Station with Pneumatic Pump
A complete solution for fast and safe PCB repair.

The DDE manages up to 2 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools. Check below the complete list of compatible tools.

The MVE Pneumatic Desoldering Module is indispensable for a complete desoldering process. Clean and dry compressed air is required.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation modes.

It features all the Excellence range benefits such as station customization, full control of soldering processes and remote work management.

The DDVE works simultaneously with the DR560 Desoldering Iron and the T245 Handle.
Available in the following references:
120 V - Ref.

230 V - Ref.

100 V - Ref.

Net weight
8,35 kg (18.40lb)
See individual modules
0.00 in)
120V / 230V / 100V
Input fuse
4A / 2A / 5A
Output peak power
150W per tool
Temperature selection
90-450 ºC (190-840 ºF)
Idle temp. stability (still air)
±1.5 ºC (±3 ºF)
Tip to ground resistance
<2 ohms
Tip to ground voltage
<2 mV RMS
Ambient operating temp.
10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
Communication connectors
USB-A / USB-B / Peripherals
Robot connector
RJ12 for RS-232 protocol
Vacuum at 6 Bar (MVE-A)
90% / 680mmHg / 26.8inHg
Flow rate (MVE-A)
Air pressure
4-6 Bar
ESD safe
Package weight
9,85 kg (21.72lb)
Package dimensions
368 x 474 x 195 mm
(14.49 x 18.66 x 7.68 in)
Cartridges Range
Connectable tools
Spare Parts
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