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Improve Quality

JBC exclusive technology allows reducing working temperature by at least 50ºC (90ºF).

Heat Control

The intelligent algorithm used in the heating control system increases performance.

Increase Efficiency

The system recovers tip temperature in two seconds, increasing efficiency and lowering the soldering temperature.

Process for 3 solder joints


Tips with JBC technology only drop 30ºC (54ºF) where others drop as much as 70ºC (126ºF).

This innovative technology allows a reduction of the temperature by at least 50ºC (90ºF).

Lower temperature reduces the risk of damaging components and improves quality of soldering and desoldering.

Heating system principles

Time to reach 350ºC

JBC system can reach 350ºC (662ºF) in only 2 seconds, while others need between 10 and 90 seconds.

The fully integreated thermal sensor to the heater ensures an extremely quick temperature recovery.

The compact element optimizes heat transfer by reducing the thermal barriers.

Intelligent Heat Management

Automatic detection of the tool in the stand


Save time by using the quick cartridge extractor