Intelligent Heat Management

Sleep & Hibernation Modes

Lower tip temperature automatically below the solder melting point.

Longer Tip Life

Increase tip life exponentially by using lower temperatures.

Tool Temperature

 Sleep & Hibernation

 Stand automatic detection makes the tools enter Sleep & Hibernation Modes when not being used.

Sleep Mode automatically lowers tip temperature below the solder melting point, preventing the dissolution of the iron tip coating into molten solder.

Hibernation Mode cuts off the power supply making the tip reach room temperature, thus preventing oxidation and saving energy.

Tip Life vs Temperature

Tip Life 5 Times Longer

 Extend tip life by lowering the temperature while not using the tool.

JBC Tips last five times longer than other brands thanks to the Exclusive Heating System and Sleep & Hibernation Modes.

Soldering System

The most efficient soldering system.


Increase efficiency by using Quick Cartridge Exchanger.


Avoid dead times between solder joints thanks to quick tip recovery.