Improving tips life

In order to get satisfactory tip lives, especially using Lead Free
alloys the following should be taken into account.

Our experience shows that 90% of solder joints using JBC tools can be performed successfully at 350ºC (660ºF), in any case it is not recommended to exceed 370ºC (700ºF).

The force applied on a soldering iron should not be more that it’s own weight.

To prevent the tip from oxidizing and corroding fresh solder should be added before putting the iron back in its stand.

Only use tip re-tinner when absolutely necessary; when the tip is oxidized and cannot be cleaned using the sponge or other non agressive cleaning methods.

Do not apply abrasive surfaces to clean the plated area.

Only use original JBC sponges; other sponges may contain substances that reduce tip life.

Use a mild flux.

Keep sponges clean and damp, not swamped.

Use distilled/de-ionized water and avoid tap water; tap water contains substances that reduce tip life. Adapt the tip size correctly to the solder joint.

The JBC Exclusive Heating System


The exclusive JBC heating system reaches and recovers the temperature extremely fast.

This innovative technology reduces the risk of damaging components by applying excessive heat and improves the quality of your soldering or desoldering jobs.

Tips with JBC technology only drop 30ºC (54ºF)
where others drop as much as 70ºC (126ºF).

JBC system can reach 350ºC (662ºF)
in only 2 seconds, while others need between
10 and 90 seconds