Warranty Extension

1-year Warranty Extension

Please register your warranty within 30 days of purchase. It is very easy to do; scan the datamatrix code on your station and complete the registration form. Registering your warranty means we will have all the information we need to help you quickly, if you ever need us.

[Please note that this is a warranty extension form. If you wish to make a warranty claim please contact our customer service team at info@jbctools.com]

N.B. To find the correct product code for the fields above please look at the back of the station

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Warranty conditions

JBC’s 2 year warranty covers this equipment against all manufacturing defects, including the replacement of defective parts and labour.
Warranty does not cover product wear or misuse. In order for the warranty to be valid, equipment must be returned, postage paid, to the dealer where it was purchased.
Get 1 extra year JBC warranty by registering your station within 30 days of purchase.