Complete SMD Rework System

SRWS-S - Complete SMD Rework System
An ideal solution for your entire rework tasks, suits to repair small and medium SMDs quickly and safely.

The Precision Hot Air Station JTSE controls the rework task. Using temperature and air flow profiles ensure a maximum soldering quality.

The Rework Arm RWS supports the Hot Air Heater and allows having the operator`s hands free. It facilitates soldering when repeatable soldering tasks for the same batch are required.

The Pre Heater PHS-KB comes with the Infrared Heater Unit and with the PCB Support. It allows working with lower temperatures reducing
thermal stress
in components and PCBs.

The Thermocouple measure the temperature at a specific point on the PCB and can be used as a protection sensor, to avoid overheating of components on the PCB.




Net Weight16,59 kg (36.57lb)
Voltage120V / 230V / 100V
Input FuseJT: T 4A (230V), T 8A (120V & 100V)
PHS: T A4(230V), T A8(100V & 120V),
Output Peak PowerJT: per tool
Rated CurrentJT: 3A (230V), 7A (100V-120V)
PHS: 2.2A (230V) / 5A (100V) / 4.2A (120V)
Ambient Operating Temp.10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
Temperature selectionJT: Room Temp. / 150-450 ºC (300-840 ºF)
JT: Cool mode: temp. Off
PHS: 50 to 250ºC (120 to 482ºF)
Temperature MeasurementThermocouple type K
JBC-Set Temperature ProfilesJT: 1
PHS: 3 profiles (up to 4 steps)
User Temperature ProfilesJT: 24
PHS: 20 (up to 6 steps for each)
Air Flow RegulationJT: 5 - 50 SLPM
VacuumJT: 30% / 228 mmHg / 9 inHg
Communication connectorsJT: USB-B
Pedal connectionJT: P-005 Pedal
Heating AreaPHS: 65 x 135 mm (1 zone)
PHS: 130 x 135 mm (2 zones)
Maximum Work TimeJT: 50 min. or indefinite
PHS: 600 min. or indefinite
ESD Safe
Package weight19,72 kg (43.48lb)
Package Dimensionsmm

RWS-B Manual(1.77 Mb)
JTSE-A Manual(3.37 Mb)


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