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PHBE-KLarge Preheater Set
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Nano Preheater Set

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Small Preheater Set

PHBE-K - Large Preheater Set


Large Preheater Set

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XL Preheater Set

Large Preheater Set

Reduce the risk of thermal shock while reworking

PHBE Large Preheater is the best solution for rework on medium / large PCBAs, such as the once commonly used in circuits boards and/or lap tops. It features a heating area of 360 x 277 mm / 14.2 x 10.9 in. and four TC connections.

Matchless reliability in temperature accuracy and control of the PCBA so that no component is damaged.

The Preheater can be operated easily and conveniently via the intuitive menu navigation.

It features three work modes:

Power Mode allows working at a fixed power level with the option of using protection thermocouple.

Temperature Mode keeps the PCBA at a selected temperature, using the regulation thermocouple and, optionally, protection thermocouples.

Profile Mode allows control of the heating rate of the PCBA by the use of a control and protection thermocouple, without exceeding the recommended limit levels in each application. It features 22 customizable profiles.

Up to four thermocouples can be connected in any of the three work modes.

PHB-SA Large PCB Support is perfectly adapted to any type of PCBs by means of its many adjustable components and its 3 adjustable clearance positions 28, 38 or 48 mm / 1.1, 1.5 or 1.9 in.

By means of JBC Suite Software, the Preheater can be synchronized with other JBC Hot Air, Soldering Stations as well as Fume Extractor equipment in order for them to work jointly and to perform your rework process optimally.
PHBE-K - Large Preheater Set
100 V
120 V
230 V
Heater unit
Selectable Temperature
50 to 250 ºC / 120 to 482 ºF
Heating area
180 x 277 mm / 7.1 x 10.9 in - 1 zone
360 x 277 mm / 14.2 x 10.9 in -2 zones
Temperature measurement
Thermocouple type K
USB-B (rear)
Software PC
USB-A (front)
Firmware update / Graphics management
RS-232 remote control
Console connection
Connect a pedal to control the heater.
ESD safe
Power supply
Maximum power
1800 W
Ambient operating temp.
10 to 50 ºC / 50 to 120 ºF
Dimensions and weight
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