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JBC Station Guide

Station Guide

Believe in innovation,
enjoy the power

JBC Cartridge Guide

Cartridge Guide

Feel the quality, be exclusive

JBC Cartridge Guide for Automation

Cartridge Guide for Automation

Cartridges with extended tip life for Automated Processes

JBC Quick Cartridge Guide

Quick Cartridge Guide

Most Efficient
Soldering System


JBC B·iRON Stations

B·iRON Stations

Battery System

JBC CDE Stations


The first Station with
Soldering Assistant

JBC Compact Stations

Compact Stations

Everything you need in
minimum footprint



Automatic-Feed Soldering Station

JBC High-Precision Rework Shop

Rework Shop

A complete tooling range



High-Precision Hot Air Station

JBC Nano Stations

Nano Stations

When the highest precision is your priority

JBC PCB Preheaters

PCB Preheaters

Reduce the risk of thermal shock while reworking

JBC Heavy Duty Station

Heavy Duty Station

High power for industrial soldering applications

JBC Hot Air Stations

Hot Air Stations

Easily rework all
types of SMDs

JBC Wire Stripper Stations

Wire Stripper Stations

Designed for thermal wire insulation stripping

JBC Automatic Solder-Wire Feeder

Automatic Solder-Wire Feeder

Feed solder wire automatically
from any position

JBC Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor

A healthy worplace
is our priority

JBC Tip Cleaning Systems

Tip Cleaning Systems

Invest your time in soldering,
not cleaning

JBC Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering

The best soldering technology applied to automation

JBC Smart Desktop Robot

Smart Desktop Robot

Best solution for automation process with no programming knowledge