Precision soldering station
230 V -

DIR-2D - Precision soldering station
This station is perfect for industrial precision soldering jobs with medium power requirements.

It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.

The USB connector allows to update software, create graphs and manage parameters from a PC.

Although the DI control unit is fully compatible
with all JBC tools, the DIR station works
with the lightest and ergonomic
T210-A handpiece and C210 cartridges.
Product Packaging
Control Units:
Cleaning Systems:
Net Weight4,21 kg (9.29lb)
SizeSee individual modules
Input Fuse1A
Output Peak Power40W / 23.5V
Temperature selection90-450 ºC / 190-840 ºF
Tip to ground resistance<2 ohms
Tip to ground voltage<2mV RMS
Ambient operating temp.10-40 ºC / 50-104 ºF
ESD Safe
USB interface station-PC
Package weight5,38 kg (11.86lb)
Package dimensions368 x 368 x 195 mm
(14.49 x 14.49 x 7.68 in)

DIR Manual(1.58 Mb)
DI-D Manual(1.63 Mb)
Stands Manual(2.23 Mb)

Premium Line(824 Kb)

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