Micro Tweezers Station

The Station comes with the Adjustable Micro Tweezers AM120. This is the fastest way to remove SMD chip components and small/medium SOP from PCB assemblies.

The Tweezers are suitabel for C120 Cartridges.

The Station works with the JBC exclusive Heating System and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parametes.

It features a USB connector to update software, create graphs and manage parameters from a PC.

A complete Cleaning System with antisplash membrane and wiper with sponge is integrated.



The only time a soldering iron must reach its required
temperature level is during a soldering operation.
JBC’s intelligent heat management detects how the tools are used;
accordingly the integrated support function activates
the sleep or hibernation mode.

The intelligent heat management helps
to extend tip life by lowering temperature;
it also helps to save energy by reducing power usage
to 10W in sleep mode and 4W in hibernation mode.

Help us to protect the environment and to save energy!

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