CL8499Manual Tip Cleaner
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CL8499 - Manual Tip Cleaner

Manual Tip Cleaner


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Manual Tip Cleaner

A complete cleaning system with splashguard and antisplash membrane to keep the work area clean and free of solder particles.

It also features:

Brass wool: Very effective cleaning method. It leaves a small layer of solder on the tip to prevent oxidation between cleaning and rewetting.

Sponge: The least harmful cleaning method. Keep the sponge damp with distilled water when working to avoid tip wear.

ESD safe Tip Wiper: A temperature resistant receptacle lets the operator remove excess solder by gentle tapping or wiping.

Non-slip base: No need to hold the base while cleaning tips.

CL8499 - Manual Tip Cleaner
110x90x90 mm
0.43 x 0.35 x 3.54 in
Net weight
0,88 kg (1.93lb)
Package weight
936 gr (2.06 lb)
Package dimensions
130 x 98 x 100 mm
5.12 x 3.86 x 3.94 in
877 gr (1.93 lb)
877 gr (1.93 lb)
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