Control Box

UCR245 - UCR470 - Control Box
For Automated Processes

The UCR Control Box manage the new developed Soldering Irons TR and TRA
with its new Cartridges R245 and R470, specially
developed for automated soldering processes.

For standard soldering requirements suits
UCR245 and for Heavy Duty requirements the
UCR470 Control Box.

To establish the communication between the UCR Control Box and a Robot (PC or PLC) download the Communication Protocol for UCR at

More than 40 commands help to control working parameters such as Temperature, Sleep, Hiber- nation and Control Box status. Also allows getting Information about Errors and Hours Counter.

To integrate the UCR Control Box in your Automated Soldering Process, JBC provides the Soldering Unit Kit HA245-5A and HA470-5A, easily installable to existing Robots.

Net Weight2,20 kg (4.85lb)
Dimensions210 x 162 x 75 mm
Package Weight2,60 kg (5.73lb)
Package dimensions300 x 275 x 135 mm
ESD safe connector
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