Soldering Head

For Automated Processes

The RBA has been designed to be used in automated soldering processes and to carry JBC components like Solder Feeder SFR with its Guide Kit GSFR and Soldering Irons TR or TRA

It also can be combined with fume extractor as well as a camera to monitor the soldering process.

The RBA allows two independent automatic movements through pneumatic actuators:

Lifting Unit movement:
Its integrated pneumatic Lifting Unit enables fast Z-axis movement, into and away from soldering position. The Lifting Unit includes a 5mm spring loaded buffer stroke to soften possible collision .

Nozzle Actuator movement:
The Dispensing Nozzle Actuator allows an up to 90° dispensing tube movement into and away from feeding position, to enable the automatic cartridge exchange when using CS2R Stand and the TRA Iron to facilitate the tip cleaning with the CLMR Tip Cleaner.
RBA-A - Soldering Head
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