IR Preheater
120 V - Ref.

PHS-1B - IR Preheater
Heating area 130 x 135 mm

The Heater Set makes easier any soldering or desoldering job by applying infrared heat.

It allows you to work with lower temperatures, increase the tip life and reduce thermal stress.

By using the console you can select 2 independent heating zones and the operation mode: by power or by temperature.

JBC offers you 3 predefined temperature profiles and 20 more to personalize. Once a profile has been run, you can work without thermocouple.

Product Packaging
Heater Unit with Console
Net Weight2.901 kg (6.39 lb)
Dimensions195 x 288 x 41 mm
(7.68 x 11.34 x 1.61 in)
Maximum Power500W
Heating Area:65 or 130 x 135 mm (2 zones)
Temperature Range50 to 250ºC (120 to 482ºF)
Temperature MeasurementThermocouple type K
JBCset temperature profiles3 profiles ( 2, 3 or 4 steps)
User profiles20 (up to 6 steps for each)
Maximum work time:600min. or indefinite
Fuse8 A T
Package weight3.638 kg (8.02 lb)
Package dimensions368 x 368 x 125 mm
(14.49 x 14.49 x 4.92 in)
Weight2.901 kg (6.39 lb)



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