PHBConvection Preheater
PHSE - IR Preheater


IR Preheater

PHSE-K - IR Preheater Set


IR Preheater Set

PHBE - Convection Preheater


Convection Preheater

PHBE-K - Convection Preheater


Convection Preheater

PHS-SA - IR Preheater Support


IR Preheater Support

PHB-SA - Convection Preheater Support


Convection Preheater Support

Convection Preheater

PHB - Convection Preheater
Heating area 360 x 277 mm.
The most complete solution to preheating multilayer PBCs.

Improve soldering quality. Work at lower temperatures and in less time.

By using the console you can select 2 independent heating zones and the operation mode: by power or by temperature.

With 3 preset temperature profiles and 20 more
to personalize. Once a profile has been run, you can work without thermocouple.

Control Thermocouple follows a temperature profile precisely and Auxiliary Thermocouple protects PCB´s components.
PH CONTROL UNIT Heater Unit with Console
Net weight
6,98 kg (15.39lb)
426 x 446 x 41 mm
16.77 x 17.56 x 1.61 in
120V / 230V / 100V
Maximum power
1800W / 1800W / 1400W
Heating area
180 or 360 x 277 mm (2 zones)
Temperature range
50 to 250ºC (120 to 482ºF)
Temperature measurement
Thermocouple type K
JBC-Set temperat. profiles
3 profiles ( 2, 3 or 4 steps)
User profiles
20 (up to 6 steps for each)
Maximum work time
600min. or indefinite
15 A T (100V & 120V), 10 A T (230V)
Package weight
9,88 kg (21.78lb)
Package dimensions
595 x 520 x 235 mm
23.43 x 20.47 x 9.25 in