The foot switch makes the tool enter sleep or hibernation modes, causing no thermal stress when the component is placed on the PCB. Ideal for working with tweezers.

The P-005 can also act as as start/stop button
when used with modules, Hot Air stations and the PH-B IR Preheater.

The P-305 work with only the tool port to which it is connected and is compatible with all control units and the discontinued DD, DM, HD.
The P-105 is the equivalent for NAST.
Avalaible on the following Refs:
Dimensions102 x 198 x 45 mm
Cable length.1.9m

P-305 Manual(916 Kb)
P-105 Manual(1.47 Mb)
P-005 Manual(511 Kb)
Compatible Stations
Control Units
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