Universal Tip Cleaner

Make the highest quality solder joints by cleaning the soldering tip with the CLMU Universal Tip Cleaner.

It increases the thermal transfer of the tip in only 1 second, saving time and optimizing the production outcome.

It works both in Sensor and Continuous Mode providing a thorough and gentle tip cleaning thanks to its Ø 50 mm fine bristle brushes.

The splashguard helps to keep the bench always clean and free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Its opening is edged with soft material to prevent unintentional tip deformation.

The Tip Cleaner also features a second position which facilitates vertical tip access.

The CLMU-A comes with two black core metal brushes for
intensive cleaning
and the CLMU-PA with 2 black core non-metal brushes for gentle cleaning.
Selectable parameters
Operation ModesProximity Sensor mode /
Continuous mode

Special features
Fast, thorough and gentle tip cleaningThe 50 mm (1.97") diameter brushes (available with metal or plastic bristles) thoroughly clean the soldering tip in just 1 second increasing its heat transfer capacity.

Silent operationThanks to the brushless motors driving the cleaning brushes, the CLMU operation is extremely silent.

High capacity solder collector
The high solder residue capacity tray allows extending maintenance intervals increasing the productivity.

Vertical positionThe cleaning unit allows vertical position for ergonomic use of the cleaner when working in a standing position.

USB-BPC connectivity for traceability purposes / Firmware update

Equipotential bonding

ESD Safe

Power supply
Voltage (AC)100 V to 240 V
Ambient Operating Temp.10 to 40 ºC / 50 to 104 ºF

Dimensions and weight
Cleaning unit with brushes128 x 120 x 140 mm / 2.1 kg
5.0 x 4.7 x 5.5 in / 4.63 lb

Package213 x 220 x 160 mm / 2.6 kg
8.4 x 8.7 x 6.3 in / 5.73 lb
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