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CL9885Tip Cleaner
SENIOR TIP CLEANER - Metal and Non-metal brushes


Metal and Non-metal brushes

CL8499 - Manual  Tip Cleaner


Manual Tip Cleaner

Tip Cleaner

CL9885 - Tip Cleaner
With the implementation of lead-free soldering it has become necessary to use methods to clean tips other than with a simple wet sponge.

The wet sponge can be replaced by dry cleaning methods like metal wool or metal brushes.

JBC introduces different methods for cleaning tips, designed for removal of oxidation, of residues of flux etc.

Of all cleaning methods the sponge is the softest, where as the brush is the most aggressive. Use of either depends on how much residue needs to be removed, which in turn is a result of work temperature and type of solder used.
Dimensions110x90x90 mm
Net Weight874 gr (1.92 lb)
Package weight939 gr (2.07 lb)
Package dimensions94 x 113 x 90 mm