B·IRON 500Precision Battery-powered Soldering

B·IRON 500
Battery-Powered Soldering Station

Precision under control!

Specially designed for soldering SMDs.

Add an extra tool as a backup or convert into a dual-tool system using Expansion Tool Kit.

With the latest battery improvements and JBC Most Efficient Soldering System, B·IRON becomes the new generation of soldering irons.

It performs up to 500 SMD soldering joints per charge thanks to JBC Intelligent Heat Management.

It includes:

B210 Precision B·IRON Handle with a compact and lightweight design, which brings the operator the highest precision thanks to the tip-to-grip short distance.

BPS Charging Base charges the tool automatically when placed in the Tool Holder. The Tool Holder allows you to adjust the angle to suit the work position.

Console 7” with B·IRON App to configure and control the system. Alternatively, use your own device. You can download the APP from

The stand includes Quick Cartridge Exchanger, which enables a safe and easy cartridge change, Tip Cleaner with Brass Wool and Antisplash membrane.

The iron is fully compatible with C210 Cartridge Range.

Check out more information about features of B·IRON.
BIRON 210 - Precision Battery-powered Soldering
B210 Precision B·IRON Handle
PDS Portable Display 7" for B·IRON
Input voltage
100 V - 240 V 50/60 Hz
40 W
Tool output
12 V / 1000 mA
USB output
5 V / 1000 mA
Output peak power
24 W
Li-Ion 7.4V / 750 mAh
Charge time
60 minutes
Temperature range
100 to 450ºC / 210 to 840ºF
Idle temp. stability (still air)
±1.5 °C / ±3 °F
Temperature accuracy
± 3% (Using reference cartridge)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Ambient Operating Temp
10 - 50 °C / 50 - 122 °F
Tool Weight
75 g / 0.165 lb
Cartridge Range
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