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For Automated Processes
These cartridges are designed for Heavy Duty Soldering.

Its design includes a square cross-section that centers the cartridge perfectly into the Soldering Irons and guarantees precise vertical positioning. Due to this square cross-section, the cartridge can be used in 4 different positions, which can be changed in 90º steps.

They are available in different shapes and sizes and have the same benefits as all the others cartridge ranges

These cartridges fit to the Soldering Irons TR470 and TRA470 .

JBC also offers the possibility to manufacture your special tip geometry. Do not hesitate to contact us on customtips@jbctools.com

Does your soldering application require a special tip design?

Feel free to contact us at customtips@jbctools.com and let us customize the best tip for your process.

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