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C245-SP01Solder Pot Cartridge 15 X 18

Solder Pot Cartridge 15 X 18

This model is ideal for tinning wires and components faster and safer.

This cartridge can be used also to desolder Through Hole Multipin components.

The long-lasting coating pot will resist the corrosiveness of lead free solder alloys.

It works with T245 handles, which can be connected to DDE and DME control units through AD-SD stand or CHB-A converter.

It should be employed with the CT-SA Solder Pot Cartridge Stand, which avoids tipping over accidentally and allows you to work safely.

C245-SP01 - Solder Pot Cartridge 15 X 18
Net weight
0,008 kg (0.02lb)
Package weight
11 gr (0.03 lb)
Package dimensions
110 x 12 x 12 mm
4.33 x 0.47 x 0.47 in
8 gr (0.02 lb)
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