Nitrogen HD Handle

T470-NA - Nitrogen HD Handle
The T470-NA Nitrogen iron allows creating
an inert atmosphere around the joint removing
the oxygen and hence minimizing oxidizing
during solder joint formation.

The result is a higher soldering quality with
improved wetting and slightly better productivity.
It also allows using milder fluxes. It comes with
3 nozzles of different sizes to fit over the different
C470 cartridgess available.

This soldering iron requires using a DN-SE tool stand, MNE-A nitrogen flow regulator a and a
GN-A nitrogen generato (GN is optional if
nitrogen supply is available at customer facility).
Cable length:1.5 m
ESD Safe
Net Weight0,09 kg (0.21lb)
Package weight0,17 kg (0.36lb)
Package dimensions277 x 73 x 50 mm
(10.91 x 2.87 x 1.97 in)

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