Complete Rework Station with Pneumatic Pump

RMVE - Complete Rework Station with Pneumatic Pump
The quickest and safest solution for soldering and rework, also using Hot Air. It consists of stackable modules and all the necessary accessories to make your job easier.

The RMVE features all the Excellence range benefits. It works with the JBC exclusive Heating System and the intelligent sleep & hibernation modes.

The DDE manages up to 2 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools. Check below the complete list of compatible tools.

The MVE Pneumatic Desoldering Module is indispensable for a complete desoldering process.
Important: Clean and dry compressed air is required.

The JTSE Precision Hot Air Station controls the rework task using temperature and air flow profiles.

The RMSE works simultaneously with the DR560 Desoldering Iron, the T245 Handle and the JT-TA Heater Hose Set.
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