JBC launches the Excellence range

JBC launches the Excellence range
October 01, 2014

JBC launches the Excellence range

The new generation of JBC's soldering stations has become the trendiest choice for the Electronics professional. New models available! Ask for a demo.

The Excellence range features an easy-to-use menu and the following benefits:

More functions
better quality in soldering
The incorporation of the new functions and the possibility to modify more parameters means you can get the best quality results in the soldering joints with graphics in real time, partial counters, tool port monitoring...

From customizing to total control
Our soldering and rework equipment has a great capacity to suit your needs. Manage and monitor groups of stations remotely thanks to their multiple connections:
USB, LAN, Robot and peripheral modules. It can also store settings which can be easily exported.

The best support for your work
Use our innovative
applications to complement your work such as the microscope, file storage, unit converter, calculator, video and even an comprehensive station help which assists you at anytime.

See here the new models. Buy them online or ask for a demo!