Compact Filter

FAE2-100 - Compact Filter
Replacement for compact filter + pre-filter.

JBC Fume Extractor FAE2-5A features a compact three-layered filter

The combination of the three-layered filter system reaches a certified filtering efficiency of the soldering fumes up to 99.95 per cent in accordance with norm EN 1822.

The unit has a LED warning to know when it is time to replace the pre-filter or the compact filter. It is also notified through the unit display.
Product Packaging
Fume Extractor:
Pre-filterMedium dust filter M5 (EN 779)
Compact filtersH13 particle filter (EN 1822)
Activated carbon filter
Weight4.500 kg (9.92 lb)
Package weight5.000 kg (11.02 lb)
Package dimensions480 x 220 x 210 mm



Fume Extractor
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