DMSE & DMVE stations: better performance and more functions

DMSE & DMVE stations: better performance and more functions
February 06, 2016

DMSE & DMVE stations: better performance and more functions

JBC has increased the versatility of its rework stations. Now with the new DMSE and DMVE the operator can work with up to 4 tools at the same time.

JBC complete rework stations are suitable for soldering and desoldering practically all types of components and for many kinds of rework jobs.

DMSE 4 Tools Rework station with Electric Pump

It works with the DME 4 Tools Control Unit that can manage simultaneously up to 4 tools for soldering and desoldering. This means you can both adjust the temperature of cartridges and control the ports. It also works with the MSE Electric Desoldering Module which is almost indispensable for complete through hole desoldering and is a good solution for SMT pad cleaning. The optimized electronic system creates a vacuum peak for improved solder suction.

DMVE 4 Tools Rework station with Pneumatic Pump

It combines the DME module, which features all the Excellence range benefits such as station customization, full control of soldering processes and remote work management, and the MVE Pneumatic Desoldering Module, which provides the best results due to its instantaneous vacuum ramp.

Although these stations are compatible with all JBC tools, they both work with the DR560 Desoldering Iron and the T245-A General Purpose Handle. However, the operator can increase the stations functions by connecting compatible tools such as T210, PA120, AP130, HT420… to the two remaining ports. 

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