JBC - USB Connections
Communication Station - PC
JBC has developed the most innovative technology to take your work beyond the station.

The incorporation of a USB Connector
on all stations and the new control units
for robots allow you to manage
your job remotely from a PC.
Update station software

Manage and monitor parameters via PC
USB Network

You can get graphs from each control unit by connecting as many stations as the PC can handle via HUB.
JBC - USB Network

Control Units for Robots

The DDRE and HDRE control units adapt perfectly to any robotic production system:

- Both control units feature a USB port for connection to communicate with the PC and a RS-232 output with a protocol for robots.
- Tools are connected via converter which guarantees the performance of the Sleep and Hibernation modes.
- You can work simultaneously with one or more tools that are compatible with hundreds of JBC's cartridges.

connection via RS232
JBC - Robots
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