Communication Station - PC

JBC has developed the most innovative technology to take your work beyond the station.

The incorporation of a USB Connector on all stations and the new control units for robots allow you to manage your job remotely from a PC.


Update station software

Manage and monitor parameters via PC

JBC - USB Connections

USB Network

You can get graphs from each control unit by connecting as many stations as the PC can handle via HUB.

JBC - USB Network

Control Units for Robots

The DDRE and HDRE control units adapt perfectly to any robotic production system:

- Tools are connected via converter which guarantees the performance of the Sleep and Hibernation modes.

- Both control units feature a USB port for connection to communicate with the PC and a RS-232 output with a protocol for robots.

- You can work simultaneously with one or more tools that are compatible with hundreds of JBC's cartridges.

JBC - Robots