Web Manager Lite

A solution designed to configure and manage all your JBC stations connected to your PC

Web Manager Lite

The JBC Web Manager Lite is part of the JBC Software environment and allows you to monitor and configure JBC stations.


You can manage all the stations connected by USB to your PC.

Station Controller

The stations are controlled by the JBC Station Controller Service installed in your PC.

Compatible Stations

The following list shows the JBC stations that are compatible with the Web Manager Lite application as well as the required version of the program.

Station Minimum version
DM 9996761
DD 9996762
DDR 9996779
DI 9996822
HD 9996764
HDR 9996780
CD/CF 9996824
CS/CV 9996766
CP 9996767
NA 9996768
JTSE 8886185
DDE all versions