C105124Conical Bent Cartridge Ø 0.1
Under review date

Conical Bent Cartridge Ø 0.1

This bent round shaped cartridge is more slender than the C105118 model. Specially for fine pitch components and difficult-to-reach joints.

C105 cartridges are ideal for soldering very small-sized SMDs, even under a microscope.

They work with NT105 Nano Soldering Handle and NP105 Nano Tweezers.

JBC Long Life Tips offer instant heat up, excellent heat transfer and great durability.

They last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to the JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and the Sleep & Hibernation features.

C105 Cartridge range will be discontinued and replaced by C115

Take under consideration that the C115 cartridges work with the tools NT115, AN115 and NP115.

To use your NANE/NASE with the C115 cartridge, you need to:
• Acquire an Updating Kit for the station which includes the cartridge extractor and the set of tools
• Update the station with the latest Software version available
C105124 - Conical Bent Cartridge Ø 0.1
Net weight
0,001 kg (0.00lb)
Weight and dimensions
1 gr (0.00 lb)
5 gr (0.01 lb)
106 x 45 x 12 mm