14ST Soldering iron

2192040 - 14ST Soldering iron
The 14ST is the smallest soldering iron of the pencil serie.

It is perfect to work in printed circuit boards, laboratory jobs and reworking tasks.

This soldering iron works with the B-05 D thermo-resistant tip and is suitable for soldering in small-size cricuits.

It features more than
five different tips
with different sizes
and shapes to satisfy
your needs.
Product Composition
Classic Irons:
Max. temperature340 ºC
Delay to 300 ºC2min 30s
Net Weight189 gr (0.41 lb)
Packaged weight100g
Package weight251 gr (0.55 lb)
Package dimensions300 x 60 x 49 mm
(11.81 x 2.36 x 1.93 in)


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