Quick Soldering Iron

IN2100 - Quick Soldering Iron
for 230V power supply

Fast heating reaches 250ºC in approx. 45 seconds.

It is an ideal tool for on-site repairs, or when a quick and powerful heat source is required

It is fitted with a spiral spring which acts as a protector for keeping the soldering iron hot, and as support when working.

Supplied with T-20 Long-Life tip (Ref. 0300509)

There are different tips with different shapes and sizes available to satisfy your needs.
Available in the following references:
230 V - Ref.

Heating elem. - Ref.

Power supply
Initial Power
Maintenance Power
Net weight
317 gr (0.69 lb)
Package weight
Package dimensions
0.00 in)

IN2100 Manual(399 Kb)

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