W440025Cartridge Flat Blade

Cartridge Flat Blade

The W440025 is specially designed for stripping high-temperature wire insulations made of thermostable materials such as teflon*, kapton*, silicone rubber, etc.

The self-centering design ensures a perfect tip alignment, allowing to remove the insulation without damaging conductors.

This cartridge range works with WS440 High-Temperature Wire Stripper Tweezers which has an adjustable strip gauge to select the stripping length.

* Registered Trade Marks of DuPont
W440025 - Cartridge Flat Blade
Net weight
0,02 kg (0.05lb)
Package weight
38 gr (0.08 lb)
Package dimensions
155 x 56 x 46 mm
6.10 x 2.20 x 1.81 in
22 gr (0.05 lb)
Dimensions and weight
155 x 56 x 46 mm / 0.04 kg.
6.10 x 2.20 x 1.81 in / 0.08 lb.