Stand for TE heater

TE-SE - Stand for TE heater
Only compatible with TESE and TESE-Q Precision Hot Air stations.

It perfectly holds the TE-TB tools when not in use. Its adjustable tool holder suits your work position and the quick nozzle changer allows to switch between nozzles without interrupting your work.

Auto-stop function for safety The tool automatically stops blowing hot air when returned to the stand. This prevents potential incidents such as overheating, you save power and lengthen the heater´s life.

3 modes of activation Using the station menu, the operator can choose the mode of start blowing hot air: Auto-start (just lifting the tool), pressing the tool´s button or using the P-005 Pedal instead of the stand.
Nozzle extractor
Net weight
1,20 kg (2.65lb)
Package weight
1,45 kg (3.20lb)
Package dimensions
342 x 155 x 120 mm
(13.46 x 6.10 x 4.72 in)
1.203 kg (2.65 lb)


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