New rework arms for Hot Air stations

New rework arms for Hot Air stations
February 08, 2016

New rework arms for Hot Air stations

As a result of the great praise given to the RWB-A by customers, JBC has enlarged the range with two new products.

JBC has launched two new adjustable arms for those rework tasks where an “extra hand” is required.

As the RWB-A, the RWS-A and the RWT-A are designed to make the desoldering process easier. They have become an ideal hands-free solution for Hot Air stations and Preheaters.

RWS-A PHS Rework Adjustable Arm

Especially designed for working with the PHS IR Preheater, it allows adjustment for different heights and positions depending on the operator’s needs. This means it can cover the whole working area.

The arm can be placed in different positions, affording great flexibility when working on rework projects.

RWT-A Rework Adjustable Arm

This arm, without a base, is easy to install directly onto the workbench. It can be positioned to suit the task thanks to its adjustable clamps and, therefore, the operator takes full advantage of the workbench surface.

All JBC rework arms feature a swivel clamp that holds the heater hose safely away from the PCB, freeing up the workspace, and also an ESD connector rivet. Stability is obtained by knobs that secure the position of the arms.