RWT-ARework Adjustable Arm
RWT-B - Adjustable


Rework Arm

RWS-D - Adjustable


Rework Arm for PHSE

RWB-B - Adjustable


Rework Arm for PHBE

Rework Adjustable Arm

RWT-A - Rework Adjustable Arm
This arm, without a base, is easy to install directly onto the workbench.

It can be positioned to suit the task thanks to its adjustable clamps and, therefore, the operator takes full advantage of the workbench surface.

It features a swivel clamp that holds the heater hose safely away from the PCB, freeing up the workspace, and also an ESD connector rivet.

Vertical Movement
Thanks to the multiple arm joints the height of the arm can be adjusted to suit all components whatever their size.

Articulated arm
It provides full access to the whole work area by fixing the position of the arm joints using the tightening knobs.

Rotating clamp
This holds the hose away from the work area to keep it clear of obstacles.

Net Weight4,00 kg (8.82lb)
Size386,5 x 444,5 x 85
(15.22 x 17.50 x 3.35 in)
Package weight5,00 kg (11.02lb)
Package dimensions595 x 520 x 180 mm
(23.43 x 20.47 x 7.09 in)