Nitrogen Kit for DDE & DME

This is the ideal solution for improving the quality of any solder joint by using nitrogen as it provides extra heat and helps prevent tip oxidation.

The nitrogen flow is automatically activated when you remove the T245-NA Nitrogen Handle from the stand. It stops when the Handle is placed back and the tip temperature drops to the sleep Temperature.

This kit requires the GN-A Nitrogen Generator or an available nitrogen supply at the operator´s bench.

The KNE-A works with the DDE or DME Control Unit.
KNE-A - Nitrogen Kit for DDE & DME
Net weight
3,71 kg (8.18lb)
See individual modules
0.00 in)
24V (from control unit)
3 W
N2 Pressure Range Supply
3-5 bar
Max. Pressure
6 bar
N2 Flow Regulation
0.5 - 3 SLPM
Recommended N2 flow
1-2 SLPM
Ambient operating temp.
10-40 ºC / 50-104 ºF
ESD safe
Package weight
4,19 kg (9.25lb)
Package dimensions
280 x 280 x 143 mm
(11.02 x 11.02 x 5.63 in)

KNE-A Manual(1.12 Mb)

Exploded View:
Exploded View(3.46 Mb)
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