JBC's new screen for the DI Control unit

JBC's new screen for the DI Control unit
June 30, 2014

JBC's new screen for the DI Control unit

Like the Compact Line, JBC has more stations with the new glass screen.

JBC has launched the DI 1 Tool Control Unit with a new screen following the design of the Excellence range.

This change is registered with the letter "D" in the reference and is the result of adapting the stations to JBC's new range of equipment.

The Premium stations that include the new DI control unit also have new references.

Now available online and through our distributor network:

- DI-D 1 Tool Control Unit
- DIT-D Soldering station
- DIR-D Precision Soldering station
- DIS-D Desoldering station with Electric Pump
- DIV-D Desoldering station with Pneumatic Pump
- DSS-D Micro Desoldering station

JBC constantly innovates its products with the best features to improve the user experience.

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