JBC improves Hot Air station range

JBC improves Hot Air station range
April 11, 2013

JBC improves Hot Air station range

Check out the profile software and the ergonomic precision heater.

JBC Hot Air stations have been improved with the new profile software which allows you to create up to 25 work processes. You can personalize up to 9 steps for each program with 3 parameters for each step: Temperature (ºC/ºF),Air Flow (%) and Time (s).

The JT-B and TE-B stations also incorporate a USB connector which means you can now update station software by clicking here.

 + Improved features in response to customer feedback

Ergonomic Heater
: The reduced
TE-TB Precision heater is lighter and more ergonomic to provide greater comfort when working.

Adjustable Stands: You can adapt the stand to suit your working position by just turning the screw.

Extractor desk: It has been adapted to work with most of the current applications.