Hot Air stations and preheaters, the ideal solution to SMT rework and repair

Hot Air stations and preheaters, the ideal solution to SMT rework and repair
December 21, 2015

Hot Air stations and preheaters, the ideal solution to SMT rework and repair

Constant innovation allows JBC to offer different tools for a quick and safe desoldering that meet customers precise specifications. 

Hot Air Stations

JBC Hot Air Stations are the ideal solution to repairing any SMDs and even the largest QFPs and PLCCs. With JBC’s exclusive system and a wide range of extractors and protectors, customers can desolder the selected component quickly by concentrating the heat on it and therefore protect the surrounding components at the same time. The operator can easily control the air flow and temperature with two work modes to choose from.

Rework arm

In an effort to make the rework process easier JBC has developed a hands-free solution for its hot air equipment. JBC’s Hot Air stations can integrate an articulated arm for easy use, also ideal for working with Preheaters, especially the PHB-KA.

The RWB-A Rework Adjustable Arm supports the Hot Air heater and leaves the operator’s hands free. Thanks to the multiple arm joints any position on the PCB can be reached and, by fixing that position, repetitive operations can be asily done for the same batch of PCBs.

Its vertical movement provides full access to any component whatever its size.


Preheaters are vital in today's industry with high mass PCBs and lead free solder. Using underside heat allows the operator to complete the task rapidly, safely and more efficiently. JBC preheaters offer top quality soldering with minimum thermal stress and deliver the best results with even the most challenging rework applications.

The PHB-KA Convection Preheater Set is the most complete solution to preheating large PCBs. Uniform heat distribution is essential for soldering on multilayered boards. I features two heating zones that can be used at the same time or independently, depending on the size of the PCB.

Its console comes with three pre-set temperature profiles and 20 more which the operator can set depending on the task. Moreover, the Control Thermocouple follows a temperature profile precisely and the auxiliary Thermocouple protects PCB´s components.

With the same features as the PHB-KA model, the PHS-KB Infrared Preheater Set is the complete answer to preheating small PCBs. The low thermal inertia of the infrared lamps with high heating capacity provides a fast response by applying the selected profile.