FAE2 basic working system.


Ø 50 mm Flexible Arm
(Ref. FAE020 or FAE070)

Ref. FAE020
Completely flexible arm to be
adjusted to your
(hole drilling required).
Lenght: 0,94 m - 37 in
Accesory for Stand Aspiration
(Ref. FAE030 or FAE040)

Ref. FAE030
Accesory for stand aspiration.
Connect up to 4 stands
(hole drilling required).
Ref. FAE040
Accesory for stand aspiration
(up to 4 stands) + clamp to fix it
to the table.
Stand Aspiration Ducts
(Ref. FAE050 or FAE060)

Ref. FAE050
Fume Inlet Duct for Modular Stands
(SD version) Connect the Accessory
for stand aspiration to stands.
Length: 106 mm (4.17 in).
Ref. FAE060
Fume Inlet Duct for Compact stations. Connect the Accessory  for stand
aspiration to Compact stations.
Length: 106 mm (4.17 in).

Ref. FAE070
Flexible arm + clamp to fix it
to the table.
Lenght: 0,94 m - 37 in
Ø 50 mm Flexible Hose
Ref. FAE010
Connect the Fume Extractor
to Flexible Arm.
Lenght: 1,5 m - 59 in
Fume Extractor
Ref. FAE2-5A
*Stations withonly a USB-B
communication port require a
QSC controller in order to be
connected to FAE fume extractors.

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