Solder Pot Cartridge Stand

A robust and stable unit which gives security while working and avoids tipping over accidentally.

Residue tray: It is easily removeable for emptying and cleaning.

Quick release screw: It provides safe and easy exchange of the handle with no need to use a tool.

Protective Screen: It offers protection against accidental burns from the solder pot.

Spatula: It is usefull to eliminate surface dirt on the molten tin.

It can be employed with the C470-SP01 Solder Pot Cartridge (for T470 handles) or the C245-SP01 Solder Pot Cartridge (for T245 handles).

To save space when the CT-SA is used, the T245 and T470 handles can be directly connected to the HDE, DI, DDE and DME control units with the CHB-A converter.

Cartridges and handles are not included.
CHB-A - Converter
Net weight
1,00 kg (2.20lb)
Package weight
1,31 kg (2.89lb)
Package dimensions
342 x 155 x 120 mm
(13.46 x 6.10 x 4.72 in)


CT-SA Manual(1.75 Mb)


Exploded View:
Compact Line
Modular System
Compatible tools
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