Cartridges range
for T470 handpieces
C470 cartridge range features many shapes, sizes and special models.

Due to their large size, these cartridges are suitable for intensive soldering purposes and they are perfect for both SMD and applications with high power requirements.

They work with any of T470 handpieces.

JBC cartridges last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to the JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and the Sleep & Hibernation features.

Cartridges range
for PA120 and AM120 Micro Tweezers
C120 cartridges are suitable for soldering and desoldering chip components or dual in line easily, reducing handling time.

They work with Micro Tweezers which enables to align the cartridges according to the user needs.

Tips are sold individually

Cartridges range
for HT420 and AT420 Thermal Tweezers
C420 cartridges are suitable for soldering and desoldering SMD components, reducing handling time.

Tips are sold individually

Cartridges range
for NT115, NP115 & AN115 Nano Soldering tools
C115 cartridges are suitable for soldering and repairing very small-sized components at high precision, even under a microscope.

Supplied with 5 units in the DC-A dispenser case.
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