C245662Round Connector Cartridge R 4.5

Round Connector Cartridge R 4.5

These cartridges are 20mm longer for easier access to difficult-to-reach joints.

This cartridge is especially designed for soldering cables and cylindrical connectors up to 9 mm diameter.

C245 Cartridge Range is the widest with many shapes, sizes and special models. The cartridges work with T245 General Purpose Handle.

JBC Long Life Tips offer instant heating, excellent heat transfer and great durability.

They last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and Sleep & Hibernation features.
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C245662 - Round Connector Cartridge R 4.5
Net weight
0,01 kg (0.02lb)
Dimensions and weight
130 x 45 x 12 mm / 0.02 kg.
5.12 x 1.77 x 0.47 in / 0.03 lb.