Kit 30ST Soldering Iron + R-10D Tip + Stand

9302320 - Kit 30ST Soldering Iron + R-10D Tip + Stand
This special Kit includes the necessary complements to guarantee a fast and safe soldering job.

The 30 ST soldering iron is one of the most versatile tools of JBC. It is supplied with the
R-10D thermo-resistant tip but also works with other models of the Classic Tip range.

The US1000 stand -also included- protects from heating and offers a dual functionality:
tool fixation and tip cleaning.
Product Packaging
Classic Range:
Net Weight0,46 kg (1.01lb)
Package weight0,55 kg (1.21lb)
Package dimensions300 x 115 x 66 mm
(11.81 x 4.53 x 2.60 in)


Exploded View:
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