Modular System


Combine stackable modules to get your complete personalized stations. 

Choose different Control Units according to the number and tide. 

All the units incorporate JBC's exclusive heating system that increases work efficiency thanks to tip fast temperature recovery. 

For a basic working system, you need: alrease,  1 control unit, 1 stand, 1 tool, 1 cartridge.

Modular line PA120-AMicro Tweezers C560Tips
for DR560 desoldering iron AM-SAStand for AM120 Micro Tweezers C210Cartridges
for T210 Precision handpiece C245Cartridges
for T245 handpiece HT-SEStand for HT420 T245-AGeneral Purpose Handle AP-SEStand for AP250 CL8499Manual Tip Cleaner HT420-AThermal Tweezers T210-NANitrogen Precision Handle C120Cartridges
for PA120 Micro Tweezers CLMS-BJunior Tip Cleaner C210Cartridges
for T210 Precision handpiece C210Cartridges
for T210 Precision handpiece T245-NANitrogen Handle T210-APrecision Purpose Handle DS-SEStand for DS360 C250Cartridges
for AL250 & AP250 Irons C420Cartridges
for HT420 Thermal Tweezers C360Tips
for DS360 microdesoldering iron AM120-AAdjustable Micro Tweezers DS360-AMicrodesoldering Iron DR-SEStand for DR560 DR-SEStand for DR560 DR560-ADesoldering Iron DR560-ADesoldering Iron AP250-ASolder Feed Iron CLMBSenior Tip Cleaner CLMU-AUniversal Tip Cleaner, Metal Brushes C245Cartridges
for T245 handpiece C245Cartridges
for T245 handpiece DN-SEStand for T210/T245/T470-NA AD-SEStand for T210 & T245 Handles MNE-ANitrogen Flow Regulator for DDE, DME & HDE MSE-AElectric Desoldering Module for DDE & DME MS-AElectric Desoldering Module for DI MN-ANitrogen Flow Regulator for DI DME4 Tools Control Unit DDE2 Tools Control Unit DI1 Tool Control Unit
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