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0008752Extractor Desk

Extractor Desk

Desk to better store and select extractors, protectors and tripods for hot air stations.
The Extractor Desk is designed for the following models (not included):
Extractors: E2052, E2064 and E2184.
Protectors: P2220, P2235, P4000, P2230 and P4010.
Tripods: T2050 and T2250.
JBC`s exclusive hot air system uses jointly extractors, protectors and tripods for a quickly and safely desoldering.
0008752 - Extractor Desk
Net weight
1,09 kg (2.41lb)
Package weight
1,09 kg (2.41lb)
Package dimensions
0.00 in
1.091 kg (2.41 lb)
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