Why you should preheat PCBs?

Why you should preheat PCBs?
October 23, 2015

Why you should preheat PCBs?

PCB Preheaters offer top quality soldering with minimum thermal stress. By working at lower temperatures and in less time, you reduce the risk of thermal stress on PCBs and components, thereby improving your results.

The PHB-KA Convection Preheater Set is the most complete solution to preheating large PCBs and is essential for soldering and rework on multilayered boards. The support has three adjustable heights and fits all sizes and shapes of PCBs.


The JBC PHB-A preheater has two independent convection heating zones by convection. The tool distributes the heat uniformly and gradually which reduces the risk of thermal stress.

Moreover, the process can be easily monitored with the thermocouple (type K). The control thermocouple follows a temperature profile precisely and with the auxiliary thermocouple the PCB’s surrounding components are protected.

JBC offers three preset temperature profiles and 20 more user defined profiles for your needs.


With the same features as the PHB-A model, the PHS-KB Infrared Preheater Set is the complete answer for preheating small PCBs.

The low thermal inertia of the infrared lamps with high heating capacity provides a fast response applying to the selected profile. The PHS-B IR Preheater is designed to give maximum uniform heating to guarantee the best results.

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