Save time and space with JBC's Junior Tip Cleaner

Save time and space with JBC's Junior Tip Cleaner
November 17, 2014

Save time and space with JBC's Junior Tip Cleaner

The smallest and neatest solution for cleaning tips automatically. Now available!

See all the advantages and features that make your job easier:

in only 1 second
The CLMS-A Junior Tip Cleaner improves thermal transfer of the soldering tip in only 1 second giving a uniform cleaning which results in an increase in production.

Easy to use
The CLMS-A, which can be fitted into any work area thanks to its reduced size, is very easy to use. The operator just need to press the button at the opening using the tool and the two motorized brushes will clean the tip automatically. The continuous mode maintains the brushes activated for as long as necessary.

Avoid solder splashing
The splashguard helps keep your work area clean and free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD). There is practically no solder splashing improving safety.

Quick maintenance
The solder collector tray can be emptied and re-used with no wear and tear.

Now you can ask for a demo, buy online or contact any of our distributors

More info: CLMS-A Brochure
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