A complete tooling range

PK - Pick & Place Unit PK - Pick & Place Unit PK - Pick & Place Unit NASE - Nano Rework Station NASE - Nano Rework Station NASE - Nano Rework Station DPM Solder Paste Dispenser DPM Solder Paste Dispenser RHS Hands support RHS Hands support PHSE-K Preheater Set PHSE-K Preheater Set JNASE - Nano hot air JNASE - Nano hot air

JNASE Hot Air Station

The perfect tool to rework the smallest SMD components as 0402, 0201, 01005 and 008004 under the magnifying glass. It enables regulation of both flow and temperature at very low levels in order to avoid affecting adjacent components.
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PK Pick & Place Unit

Vacuum unit which allows easy positioning and removal of SMD components of different sizes.
It features 2 drive modes - a continuous mode and an activation mode with pedal.
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NASE Nano Station

The NASE Station is the best solution for soldering and rework of SMT components requiring the highest precision.
The NASE Rework Station works with the C115 Cartridge Range.
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PHSE-K Preheater Set

The Preheater PHSE is used as a secondary heat source to reduce the amount of heat supplied by the main soldering tool, reducing thermal shock to components and PCBs.
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RHS Hand Support

An indispensable tool for precision work which provides a point of support very close to the working zone when steady hands are required.
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DPM Solder Paste Dispenser

Manual solder paste dispenser with a large range of solder paste dispensing needles for every need.
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