New solder pot cartridge: C470-SP42

New solder pot cartridge: C470-SP42
January 22, 2018

New solder pot cartridge: C470-SP42

The solder pot cartridge range has been extended with a new model.

Along with the C245-SP01 and C470-SP01, the C470-SP42 is made with a long-lasting coating pot, which will resist the corrosiveness of lead free solder alloys.

This new model works with T470 handles, which can be connected to HDE station through HD-SD stand or CHB-A converter.

Complete system
Together with the CT-SA, these cartridges allow you to dip into molten solder to tin wires where control of soldering temperature is essential. They can also be used to desolder Through Hole Multipin components.

Customized models
JBC's cartridges offer excellent heat transfer, great durability and instantaneous heating up. Contact us for customized models according to your application.

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